Art and writing by Daniel Mirante
Archangel Michael (Detail) by Daniel Mirante 2008

Archangel Michael (Detail) by Daniel Mirante 2008

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Heart of the Medicine Bird
(in progress)

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'Longing'   Oil and egg tempera on panel2012

Oil and egg tempera on panel

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Detail of Sophianic Figure, from ‘Chanting Down Babylon’

Detail of Sophianic Figure, from ‘Chanting Down Babylon’

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Details from Ernst Fuchs ‘Self-portrait as Emperor of Austria’

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Gustave Moreau, Jupiter and Semele details with raking light to see brushwork

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The White Cedar

The great trees of Nigerpur
Shine lapis blue and turquoise, and deep purple shade of the cypress
In there she shines like a white cedar
Whom her parents veiled, because of her great beauty
Her form like crystalline silver, self-luminous
The White Cedar of Tristana
Her words call the deer and ibex from the shade
Her words, also veiled, in silence
Such silence, removes the trouble in the blood

Silence softens the whipping waves and tumultuous vortexes
Settling the mind
now one can see into those deep, voluminous crystal depths
and shoals that whirl like silver lightning
and underwater rivers of golden coral
Strange beings have appeared in the lands
vying for dominance
with three clear drops, she, dispelling false-self
reveals the inner star
Passing onward to the bright lands

She lets the arrows fly, sublime huntress
in the deep forests of lapis and turquoise
slaying the un-surrendered
and protecting the innocent
the silver sword flashes sharp and bright
un-dulled, parting clearly
With a searing song
Chanting down Babylon

Xathane, Markumar, Illianto
All fall to the ground
Their great golden capstones, spires and minaretes
The ascended minds
Kiss the feet of the Earth

Her lover stands on the edge of the world
Made of Gold, 
He flies above, showering golden seed
imbuing light into the silver waters
And uncoiling and hatching all torpid and larval forms
There is nothing more beautiful
for those with eyes to see

Fire and waters meet
In convulsive hiss and churn
Life inbetween light and dark is alchemy
From which we press the golden sap of the Haoma
For people are the flowers of the sun
From which they press their own Haoma

So said she, 
The White Cedar, 
in the lapis forests of Nigerpur

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